November 14, 2012

Corporate Wars of 2012 or example 1,513 of why on line complaint forms suck

So, I had to go all Mr. Asshole  on US Air today.

Perhaps you read this post.  I filled out the f-ing on line complaint form.  I got an email response from Customer Relations advising me my complaint was important and they would respond within two business days.  Chirpity fucking chirp and a week has passed.  Unacceptable.

We did the representative/supervisor thing.  A few calls were made while I fumed on hold and presto chango, I have a full refund on the way. Initially I would have been satisfied  if the airline just waived the rebooking fees. Then they screwed with me. Nothing less than a full refund could soothe my pissed-off ego at this point.  It was a matter of principle.

Of course, I am certain I will be flagged for extra security screenings going forward and I will be permanently assigned middle seats with no recourse. But I won a small battle for the little guy.

Go me.


Dan O. said...

Good for you, Joe.

I haven't flown in over 20 years, so I know nothing of airlines anymore or what's available. But, I'd be looking for another one to use as often as possible.

I also wouldn't carry anything in my pockets more threatening than a kleenex if I were you. Unless you enjoy prostate exams by complete strangers.

Good luck.

hey teacher... said...

Well played sir.

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