November 17, 2012

F-ing Damn Unions Anyway

So long old pals.

I will miss you guys. I know we have not spent much time together the past few years. It was me, not you. Blame it on my health.

And you,

I think I'll miss you most of all.

 I will NEVER understand a mind that would rather have NO JOB than one with a pay cut. 


diamond dave said...

Neither will I.

Anonymous said...

Unions are just another form of slavery, you have to pay part of you salary to keep a job and the union master makes all you decisions for you. No wonder libs love unions, they hate individual thinking, individual choices and love lumping everyone into class's.
James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

They'll have two years of Unemployment and free health care.
Wy work?

hey teacher... said...

I love how JOG lumps all libs together. It's like he's in some kind of union or something.

Anonymous said...

hey teacher, my opinion based on 65 years of life and yours is based on?

James Old Guy

hey teacher... said...

Only 54 years. You win, only old people should get to do lumping.

Rita said...

If you're not competent then of course you want the unions to protect your job from being given to someone who is.

Anonymous said...

Is you're thinking: That if you join a union then you're incompetent?

Rita said...

Obviously that is not what I said at all. Words are placed in a sentence jn an order for a reason. Changing the order changes the meaning.

Saying the unions protect incompetent teachers is NOT saying all teachers are incompetent.

What I said is IF you are incompetent your best bet is to join a union where you get to keep your job denying that job to someone who is competent.

Want to solve the problem with this country's education system? Get rid of the teachers unions so the schools can get rid of the incompetent teachers.

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