November 5, 2012

Get Ready

Here is the narrative. If President Hopey-Changey loses tomorrow, it will not be because he is inept. It will not be a repudiation of his big-government programs. He will not lose for his terrible decisions in promoting loser green energy companies, nor his war on coal. It will not be because of the massive spending, or the devaluation of the dollar.  Obama will not lose based on the drone strikes or the continuous high unemployment nor high gas prices.  He will not lose over leaving Americans to die in Libya, or his "lead from behind" policies.. Obama will not lose the election because he has ruined relations with every ally from Britain to Israel and let Muslim extremists take over Egypt and Libya or running guns to Mexican drug cartels. It will not be for forcing the Government takeover of 1/6 of the economy through ObamaCare. It will not be the 100 rounds of golf or the expensive vacations paid for by the taxpayers. No, 2010 did not happen. If Obama loses, it will be because he had a black father and anyone who votes against him will be bigots and racists.

Obama will lose because he is black.

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or here  -- and by the way, if you can wade through that twaddle, couldn't you just substitute "black" for "white" and "Obama" for "Romney" and have the very same article? Is this what passes for journalism? Oh -- and women outnumber men in these United States, so how can they be a minority?  Gotdamn facts anyway...

It took a whole bunch of white folks to elect Obama in 2008. Simple math will prove this true. Those white people did not wake up cracker last month. Just about every Democrat that lost his seat in 2010 was white.  Perhaps it really is just about policies?

You see, for the progressive type, it can never be about rejecting the message. If we disagree on the liberal agenda we must be intellectually vacant, racist, or participants in an evil and nefarious scheme. To them, Jimmy Carter was not a failure, perhaps the worst President ever; we just could not see his genius.  Reagan "cheated" with the Iranians, and the American people did not give him enough time.

The Race Card has been played so much it is wearing thin. Some of us can see right through it.

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

If he loses because he's black, there sure are a bunch of self-hating blacks out there.

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