November 19, 2012

I'll take my ball and go home

People always go into hysterics and panic after they lose, be it an election or a big ball game. The Republican Party is no exception. The power brokers are again up to their elbows in pointing fingers. Yes, I know that is a nonsensical mixed metaphor, but it seems strangely apt to me.

Once again the Republican hierarchy is blaming the conservative wing for the failure to win an election. This action is purely in the face of reality.  Americans, and Republicans in particular, are conservative. This Guy has it completely right. I am sick of the Republican Party bringing out Democrat Lite candidates, or old guys merely because they have "paid their dues". I said it in 2008 and I mean it now.  Why would anyone vote for a slightly-less-liberal when you can vote for the real thing? Especially when the Republican candidate is less than likable? If you cannot carry the uninformed through your good looks, or charisma, and your policy position is "I will spend almost-as-much-as-the-other-guy", how do you expect to win?

Back in high school there was always that kid who showed up at the cool-kid parties even though he was not welcome.  The cheerleaders made fun of him behind his back and the football players dumped beer on his nerdy head, but the cool kids let the dork come to the party because he let them copy his math homework. That is how the Republican Party treats the conservatives. They like our votes, but hate our ideas. I'm tired of the wedgies.

You see, here is the secret of Washington politics. It is all about the power. ObamaCare was never going to be repealed. It will be tweaked and modified, but there is too much money to be made for the lobbyists, and too much power to wield for the politicians for the program to wither and die. The National Republicans are only about the power. They are content to rule the House, and a Senate majority would be OK, but then the Republican Bosses would have to be responsible for policy. This way it is convenient to just blame the Democrats when nothing gets done.

Here is where I am today. I opined late last year it may be time for a legitimate third party for 2016 if the Republicans fail to get their shit in a sock. I am sick of voting for "not as bad as the other guy". If the Republican party thinks conservatism is the problem, maybe it is time the conservatives looked for a new home. I predict it will take but two election cycles for the Republican Party to become a mere whisper of their former selves.  After all, the Whigs held on for a few Congressional seats in 1860. Good luck winning elections as the Moderate Party. I would venture that path has not been too successful so far.

How long are you willing to be a mere political booty call for the Republican establishment? They want our votes, but just screw us.   At least a hooker can expect a fifty on the dresser. Conservatives are only the butt of the joke at the old boy's club.


Anonymous said...

pretty much covers it.
James Old Guy

Rita said...

Get me Mike Pence on that Conservative ticket and I'm in.

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