November 3, 2012

Watch this before you vote

Here, in a couple of minutes, is articulated my entire political philosophy.

This election is not about Democrats or Republicans, but rather the future course of the nation.  Can we stem the tide of statism?

I will gladly accept arguments on any point that is wrong in the comments.


Erin O'Brien said...

You righties are so easy to smoke.

Ever hear of the sin of omission? The video not only fails to put forth one detailed concrete alternative (sort of like the GOP's presidential candidate), it also fails to mention an economy that was in unfettered free fall (starting with "let Lehman fail" in fall 2008) courtesy of rampant financial deregulation.

It fails to mention that 'twas Bush who signed the $700 billion bank bailout in Sept. 2008.

When we finally hit bottom from this giant stinking mess, we were losing, what? Some 700,000 jobs per month? The Dow sank to 6,000 or something. You do the research and get the exact numbers.

We had to dig out of that mess while still financing the wars. No one likes the deficit, but it was unavoidable.

Yesterday, the jobs reports said we added about 117,000 jobs. The Dow just closed over 13,000.

And the most glaring reason to see that bit of video for the tripe it is unfolds in the last frame.

"This video was not paid for by anyone."

Really? Yep, like I said: you righties are so easy to smoke.

Joe said...

You lefties are so easily fooled. You think big government is the answer, despite more than a century of failure. Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Ireland all are in economic tatters following your prescription. Sweden is paying young people to go to Norway to look for jobs. The failure of USSR, Albania, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Haiti and Zimbabwe are all proof of the failure of state-run economies and central planning.

China has abandoned communism as an economic model as has Vietnam.

Look no further than the Government "investments" in "green energy" to see how well that has worked.

Capitalism is flawed and stinks as an economic system. It is still better by miles than any alternative.

Had the Government stayed out of the mortgage business, a great deal of our current economic situation could have been mitigated.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Arguing with liberals is like trying to get someone out of a cult.
They have a premise based on their faith.
It colors everything and like a gravity well that distorts light, it distorts their vision of how things work.
Bush did something wrong: how does that invalidate the video's premise?
"We had to dig out of that mess while still financing the wars."
How does that justify the spending that didn't change anything?
"Yesterday, the jobs reports said we added about 117,000 jobs."
That's BAD NEWS! Not good news. It's nowhere where we need to be.
"This video was not paid for by anyone." Yeah, I wondered about that too. The only thing.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Looks like you've moved the furniture around here.

Erin O'Brien said...

Last time I checked, I wasn't in Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Sweden, USSR, Albania, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Haiti or Zimbabwe.

Hm. Wonder why Germany isn't on that list.

Remember the early 90's? Everyone--and I mean EVERYONE--thought we were turning into Little Japan.

Got conjecture?

Hoose, this video is nothing more than a bunch of flag waving and out-of-context footage.

You do some fact-check. Is that Obama claim about the deficit before or after the crash?

Anonymous said...

Yep Ed

A little paint a little wallpaper

Cosmetics to cover the same old content


Anonymous said...

All this history is nice and pointing the finger doesn't fix the current problems. Obama has been President, he has been in charge for almost four years. The economy is still broken and not getting better, the unemployment numbers are fiction, the housing market is still a house of cards. Blame the republicans, blame the democrats blame anyone you want, the only person in charge has been Obama. If you want to continue to believe his stories and dreams feel free to vote for continued failure. Is anyone better off than they were four years ago? I just drove 2 hours through some small towns in South Carolina, it is ugly. Closed stores, more flea markets than I can count, few signs of recovery. I stopped and talked to some of these people, most out of work, most have quit looking , they know there is nothing available.
Give my your answer Erin. Hope and Change is not a plan.I have no idea if Romney is the answer but I know damn well Obama isn't.
James Old Guy

Erin O'Brien said...

I am positively better off than I was in the aftermath of the crash. After the crash hit, I lost all of my freelance work and started writing shitty 400-word online articles for $15 a pop. Now I've got one decent paying feature coming in after another.

Also, I am all over this city (Cleveland) all the time because of what I do. There is growth and progress everywhere I look.

Joe said...

Cleveland must be the exception, because most of the industrial sector is still hurting. I call all over the rust belt and every plant manager and purchasing manager tells the same story -- there is no business.

Ask any HR person and they will tell you ObamaCare is going to cost a fortune, and those costs WILL get passed on. Who pays in th eend? th emiddle class -- the ones buyying the cars, the TVs spending their paychecks at WalMart.

No you do not live in Greece or Italy or Spain -- but continued spending sprees like we have indulged in the past decade, but especially under the current administration CAN NOT CONTINUE.

You could confiscate every asset of the "millionaires and billionaires" and it would pay for the government a few months. Then what? Those assets are gone.

We must roll back government.

Joe said...

Oh, and who cares who made the video?

Anonymous said...

Joe, your wasting your time, Erin is not interested in any critique of her dear leader. It's not his fault its the evil republicans who have kept the socialist dream from coming true.
James Old Guy

Joe said...

Silly me, it is not because of his policies, it is because he is black.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Actually, I read the comments for the video. It was produced by the narrator.

Cappy said...

Cleveland is a sewer and not an exception. Let's hope a future administration acts as badly as the liberals say Bush did and exact "revenge" on said local liberals by forcing them out of their suburbs and into the stinkpit they have made Cleveland.

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