December 10, 2012

Belly Up Komrade

H/T Doug Ross

Everyone knows the Berlin Wall was built to keep out the pesky capitalists trying to enter the Worker's Paradise.

Half the population scratches their head and asks "Berlin Wall?"


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Never should have let the Krauts tear that thing down.

Erin O'Brien said...

Did you call Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid "Socailism" when Bush and Reagan were in office? Did you rail against those programs then?

Erin O'Brien said...

Well then, Comrade. I see you've vicariously stepped from the generous cloak of corporate Amerika to test the waters of the true free market with an ad on your blog.

I will happily bet you five US Amerikan dollars that you will not garner one US Amerikan dollar in revenue from this new venture by year's end.

Anonymous said...

No the ad came with the mountain widget. I thought it funny to claim that was a view I could enjoy

There is nothing on it for me. You are right I will get nothing by year end

I will be tired of the joke in a few days so it does not matter


Anonymous said...

There was no Internet when Reagan was in office

But I have railed against big government programs for most of my life. Including the earliest days of this blog


Anonymous said...

But mostly the post is funny 'cause it is true. See "Berlin Wall" on any search engine


Cappy said...

Geez - why haven't we given the fuckin' West Side back to the Indians yet?

Anonymous said...

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are ponzi scheme. Call it what ever you want its a lie. The government is all about the promise, the lie, the bigger the lie the more the people feed on it. Example, spend 30 years of your life in the military, promised free health care for life, big lie. Hit 65 and you are required to have medicare part a and b or your military medical is cancelled. Medicare is not free so in effect the retired military gets hit with a bill upon turning 65, empty promises only good until the next President or Congress decide to up the fee, which they are working on. Thanks to Obama care the cost of medicare is going up, only 5% next year, but up and up. Thanks again for nothing, if I could do it all over again, fuck the military get someone else to your dirty work and it is YOUR dirty work, you elected the scumbags.
James Old Guy

Joe said...

My little blog could not generate ad revenue on a dare.

I put my efforts onto making big money for Corporate America. So far this year I have managed to generate more than $34,000,000 in sales for my employer. I may not be a great blogger, but I am very good at my paying job.

Erin O'Brien said...

"But I have railed against big government programs for most of my life."

big government: meaningless vague/catch-all phrase used by righties whenever they've been backed into a corner.

As for your employer, how's he treating you on account of that booty haul? Did your benefits become more generous? Maybe you've been (ahem) encouraged to join a wellness program instead.

Joe said...

No, due to impending ObamaCare requirements that overburden small employers my healthcare costs have increased dramatically.

But on the bright side, people like my son will be hurt most by ObamaCare, one of the people it is supposed to help. Another big government idea so great we have to be FORCED to participate!

If you want to know specifically what bugs me, you can read nearly eight years of posts over there on the right. :-).

opit said...

Given the overall record of bilateral imposition of fluoride in water ( sedate the proles with toxic a premium surcharge ) and the effect of chlorine being to make people allergic to food....I really see good fun with Monsanto GM foods transferring genes to our guts that generate our in house self poisoning pesticides. To add on top of this charges for a system that encourages vaccination for everything under the Sun while lauding the virtues of biocide agents on ones hide and control of germs in food to safely kill nutrition - pasteurizing all the while - and that will be some healthcare system !
The Chinese paid doctors who maintained health until they got sick. We pay for prescriptions which will not deal with our problems.
Aint Progress wunnerful !

Rita said...

You're absolutely right Joe. The ones bearing the greatest burden are the same ones that carry the least amount of risk.

Young males are the ones getting screwed by this nonsense they "deemed" passed by Congress, followed closely by Medicare patients who will find few doctors willing to treat them due to the $761 BILLION "savings" in payments to providers.

Quite frankly I am sick of the liberals claiming we hate Obamacare because we want people to die all the while never considering the unintended consequences of this horrible law.

But the the last time I disagreed with a liberal here I was called a c$&t.

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