December 21, 2012

Friday Christmas Music

Ask and you shall receive

And who does not remember this classic?:

Just think, I almost dropped some Chipmunk's Christmas Song here.


hey teacher... said...

Danke for the Herb. I was dressed as Santa today as our hallway way was decorated with the theme "The Polar Express". With the tragedy in Newtown it was good to have some cheer and brightness in our hallways. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

As a side note since this is a music day, I also slipped in REM's "Its the end of the world..." between Christmas songs (Yes, I play CHRISTMAS songs in a public school! EGADS!!!),to liven up the discussion at the end of classes.

Joe said...

damn, I should have thought of that song for my Mayan post.

diamond dave said...

The Little Drummer Boy will always be my favorite Christmas song.

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