December 14, 2012

Friday Holiday Music


hey teacher... said...

Your picks this week leave me baffled. While I enjoy a dose of Chuck every other year or so, the singing is like nails on the chalkboard. And The Beatles? I played it backwards and and it said something about John marrying a troll or something to that affect.

Was your dad a Herb Alpert fan? Mine played his Christmas album 'til the grooves wore out. How about a little Herb for the holidays?

And a few moments for the kids and teachers in CT. I'm sure your daughter was as shaken as I was.

Joe said...

My Dad also loved Herbb Albert (BTW Whipped cream and Other Delights remains the greatest album cover of all time).

Yesterday's events leave me speechless, shocked, and angry. My wife has been a kindergarten aide for 15 years, and you know my daughter is a first grade teacher. As a parent I cannot imagine the unbearable grief. I keep imagining the terror of those little innocent babies in that classroom, not knowing why this was happening...

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