December 8, 2012

Greatest Inventions in the History of Man

I once wrote a popular post about the greatest events in the history of man. You can look it up, there is a search box around here somewhere. (I think. You can check that out for yourself too.  Do I have to do everything?) or just search Google, Bing, etc.

Today I thought I would tackle a list of the greatest inventions.  Several inventions come right to mind.  Advances in medicine, the airplane, the auto, the computer all are strong contenders for the list.  My liberal readers would find it amiss if I left off the invention of The Pill and abortion on demand. The light bulb and the printing press have to be in the running. Perhaps we should even consider such mundane products as plastic clothes hangers. Had they been around a few years earlier Joan Crawford's daughter could have avoided a beating or two.

See, this is harder than you thought.

After the jump you can see the complete list.  You can argue my ranking, but the choices are beyond debate.  I know you will agree.

Yeah, I am too busy to write the whole list. I am searching for old posts for you, remember?

I will jump straight to number one. The world's greatest invention:


Feel free to argue in the comments.  You will be wrong, but have at it.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I think someone should show appreciation for all the heavy lifting you do here, don't you?
I'll be watching the comments to see if someone does that.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Looks like the burden falls on you, Ed. Nice try passing the buck though


Anonymous said...

Heavy lifting? Any df knows rubber bands should be #1.

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