December 20, 2012

I am so excited it is all I can do to keep from peeing my pants

I watched a couple of Christmas movies yesterday. In the afternoon I went to the 1904 World's Fair with Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis.

Have I ever mentioned the turn of the 20th century is the first stop I make after I get my time machine?

Last night I finished up my shopping and then caught White Christmas on TV.

Speaking of snow, the StormTeam/ScareTeam is in full panic mode.  We are supposed to get a tiny bit of snow tonight. I expect the populace to react as normal -- to rush out and buy up all of the bread, milk, and eggs at the grocery. This is essential because we might get snowed in, even though the history of incapacitating blizzards is limited in our area. After all, central Indiana was inconvenienced for a day or so back in '78. Snow must make the genpop have an overwhelming need to make French Toast or something.


Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you this ' your blog has been banned by DOD. Bad boy

Joe said...

The fruits of criticising Obama I suspect.

Cue the black helicopters.

Or it could be the language I have used on occasion.

Fuck if I know...

Ralphd00d said...

I remember that back in '78. I was up in Elkhart at the time.Had several good days of fort building and snowball fights!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The fin de si├Ęcle was the last best time before everything started going to shit. Lazarus Long had it more or less right. Get in there about 1898 and stay till around 1916. Then get out.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

And as for french toast: We always have the makings around the house, why run to the store?

Or I could make waffles. Mmm. Waffles.

Anonymous said...

All blogspot have been blocked by DOD

Anonymous said...

Damn I guess I am just one of the masses after all


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