December 27, 2012

I think Santa is getting old

The fat man in the red suit was either not paying attention or he is getting hard of hearing. It is probably time to change the old batteries in the hearing aids, Mr. Claus. You see, I asked for a snow blower for Christmas..Instead I got blowing snow.  Lots of it -- about 10 inches of the wet heavy stuff. But the jolly old elf gave the same gift to all of my friends and neighbors.  In point of fact he dumped a shit-load of snow all over the mid-west (that is a technical term of measurement).

I got half of my driveway shoveled last evening, so we can get the wife's SUV out if need be. There was not much hurry. The plow did not find my street until sometime in the wee hours of this morning. I am going to head out and tackle the rest of the driveway as soon as I am done sharing these riveting details with you.

The upper part of my drive is actually three cars wide, and only two wide at the bottom. The hard part is the boy's car occupies the far right part of the drive, necessitating a very long throw of snow. This exercise is where my age is starting to show.  I can't toss a shovel of snow as far as I used to. This means I am moving the same snow twice.

The boy wisely trudged off through the drifts to a friend's to spend the night. That boy ain't stupid.


Anonymous said...

Off topic

Joe said...

I just hold a mirror under my foot! Occasionally I ask the wife if anything untoward is going on.

On the bright side, since my feet are already numb, the cold does not bother them!

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