December 4, 2012


Seven years is a long time. I think you and I have conversed about everything I have to opine upon. I keep thinking about trying to quit this here time-wastin' hobby.

I guess I can make it another couple of weeks until the end of the world. . Live blogging the Mayan Meltdown would give me something to write about.

Say, is it bad policy to not buy the wife any Christmas presents?  I recon there is no point buying gifts she'll never open, what with the end of the world and all.


Ed Bonderenka said...

what with the end of the world and all.
You better not make that house payment then. You won't be living there either way if you don't buy her a present(s).

Mockingbird said...

I thought you were gonna buy her a new snow blower(better than a shovel). We discussed this. It's settled. It is bad policy to not buy your wife a new snowblower for Christmas! Both she and the snow will feel all fluffed up. Think of the fellas in the small engine industry!
Even God looks down on husbands who don't...

CnC said...

Ed thank you too !!

Joe said...

sorry CnC travelling the past two days and I had no access to the secret control panel.

All gone now.

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