December 1, 2012

Saturday randomness.

It is a little after eight in the morning on a cloudy Saturday.  I am on my second cup of coffee. Jim Morrison is droning in the background, getting ready to kill his Daddy. The End. It is a live version.

I muddled my way through the morning fishwrap and the attendant Saturday advertisement circulars. The local basketball team lost. They do that a lot -- lose. For a fairly large school by State classification standards (4A) they historically are bad at nearly every sport. You can have a losing culture..

I type in my own shadow, my desk lamp has burned out.  It seems like I just replaced that bulb. Enough of The Doors, I push next on the old iPod and the Boxtops are singing about a love letter. Better on the ears on an early Saturday morning.

It was warm when I went outside to fetch the paper. I will lace up my walking shoes in a bit for some outside exercise. I try to get in three to four miles on the weekends. Steely Dan is never going back to his old school. I compose and type slowly, too many typos.

My sinuses are doing the every morning drip, drip. My passport renewal came yesterday. I can now escape.

The wife and I were discussing work Christmas parties last evening. I realized I have not worked in a formal office or in a group setting for fifteen years. I cannot believe it is a decade and half since I last habited a cubicle. Midnight Rider. It will be twenty years next fall since I took a temporary assignment into OEM sales. I thought I would be back on the plant management track after a few years of outside experience. Here I am, still at it. I'm not sure if I could work in an office environment anymore.

Can't Find My Way Home.  I am composing slowly this morning.  Usually it takes me about three to five minutes to write a post. " I can usually tell" you mutter at the screen. "Taking time certainly does not equate to valuable content" I mutter back. I am not sure these imaginary conversations between you and I are healthy,  I think to myself.

Let it Be.

Good advice, Paul. Whisper words of wisdom, indeed. The End was playing when I started blogging today. We have finally reached that point


Anonymous said...

Up early every weekend, having dogs will do that,they don't understand weekends. This weekend I will pack up for a one or day trip to a meeting that really doesn't need me but the customer wants me there. A spot check of the new, same old, same old, nothing really unexpected. Second cup of coffee means Sports Center, and the crazy world of Fox News. The rest of the day, paying bills, Christmas shopping and cleaning house. I am middle class, my future is set, comfortable and declining but I will be gone when the final collapse hits. It sucks to be my kids and grandkids, I am sorry I have failed you as has the country,
Any Middle Class None City Dweller.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I slept in this morning, but I awoke from a dream in which I was reading an Indianapolis newspaper! I was amazed at the number of classified ads, mostly typewriters!
When I tried to focus, the focus would jump as if my bi-focals were moving up and down.
Why does your town have so many used typewriters for sale? :)

Rita said...

Ed, because we find the typewriters too hard to blog on.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

18 years with the company this month, and 17 years since I last regularly sat in a business office (other than for a couple of short trips to corp HQ per year for various functions).

I don't know if I could change jobs or not. Having to actually get up, dress and leave my home to go to work seems so foreign to me now.

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