January 19, 2013

A sign of the times

I was a little down, spending my Friday night at WalMart. Then I noticed the girl in front of me. Not only was she paying in food stamps, but she was so poor she had to wear her pajamas instead of pants.


Ed Skinner said...

No cell phone?

Ed Bonderenka said...

My niece used to wear her pajama bottoms out and a number of her friends did also.
I don't know what to attribute it too, a raciness of being outside in your PJs or the fashion statement of the flannel prints, or both.

Cappy said...

Is that racist?

mts1 said...

I once went to Wal-Mart after a wake in suit, coat, and hat. All the pajama and dinner-stained t-shirt wearers watched me pass the way a store clerk would watch a baggy pants gangsta walk through his convenience store. Wal-Mart was my stage, and I was giving a monologue. The local chiropractor should've given me a prize for all the sprained necks I caused that he had to re-adjust.

Only in 2011 (when it happened) can someone be the freak of the place by being well dressed.

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