January 8, 2013

Dear Democrats

Why is it I don't hear a cry of outrage from the NOW gang and NAACP regarding the number of rich old white guys Obama seems to nominate to office? Obama has shown the one woman in his cabinet the door, and put a rich gigolo white guy in her place. There has to be a Jew-hating, terrorist supporting black man or woman available for Sec Def to nominate instead of Hagel.

The only person of color in the Senate belongs to the hate-filled bigot-run Republican Party (from a KKK southern state too!). The only non-white old guy Governors also happen to belong to the  hate-filled bigot Republican Party.

Funny huh?


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I think lefty women have already resigned themselves to being second-class citizens of the Obama Caliphate, Joe.

That's why they don't complain. Because the "men" would beat them with sticks the size of their thumb otherwise, as prescribed by the Prophet, Peanut Butter Upon Him.

Cappy said...

There's no cry of outrage because they are assholes.

Dan O. said...

You say funny, I say hypocritical. No surprise there.

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