January 7, 2013

Steam powered dung flinger

Life is sure funny. Did you ever meet one of those people who, no matter what, will disagree with you? For example they might comment that it is cold outside.  You could respond with a "Yep, one cold day indeed". This contrarian will reply "Yeah, but it is not that cold". For those people black is white, white is blue and orange is green.   They will argue anything to keep from admitting you might be right. Sometimes even when you agree with them! One of the blogs I where occasionally comment is like that.

That attitude seems a pretty common disease among the liberal-types. Tax cuts are evil and irresponsible, right up to the point where keeping the Bush Tax Rates in place is the most important issue facing America. Now, according to Pelosi, spending has nothing to do with deficits! I can't wait to explain that fact to my credit card company. Do you think they will buy the notion I should not have a credit limit, as long as I make a payment? Will VISA buy the notion my purchases have nothing to do with what I owe them? Only in Liberal fantasy land can you spend what you want and claim it has nothing to do with what you owe. I'm not surprised.  Those are the same people who believe if you did not spend as much as you want, it is a spending "cut".

Have you spent time with young people lately? If you think us old white guys are pissed about the state of all things Government you should hear what today's twenty-somethings think. They are beyond disillusioned. They did not elect Obama, they defeated Romney with a "none of the above" stance. A great number of college and post college-aged citizens opted to stay home on election day.  They are sick of the politics as usual Democrat/Republican cabal that seems to rule our nation. Many see no difference between the parties. Go to the colleges and universities, that is where you hear the talk of civil unrest and revolution. Of course that has always been the case throughout history.


Dan O. said...

I worked with a person like that up until they retired at the end of last year.

This person would disagree just like your example. I could repeat, verbatim, something this person said previously and would be corrected and/or argued with. Drove me nuts for 8 1/2 years.

Mockingbird said...

Here in the south we will usually agree with them just to keep the peace."Yeah, you right", "You got dat right",and so on. If they take themselves too seriously, we will sometimes shoot them, to shut them up.

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