January 16, 2013

The phone rings...

MASTERVISACARD: Hello, is this Barry?

BARRY: How may I help you?

MVC: Barry, you have gone over your credit limit on your charge card, we need you to make an extra payment.

BARRY: That is crazy. I don't need to make another payment, you need to raise the limit.

MVC: No sir, you have spent more than you are allowed, you need to make another payment, or under the terms of our agreement we will increase your interest rate, destroy your credit rating and put you into default.

BARRY: Now you are just talking nonsense.  Spending has nothing to do with what I owe you. The only reason we are having this discussion is that you refuse to raise my credit limit. It is you that are making me look bad.

MVC: Sir, The credit limit is based on your ability to pay, your credit score, and risk factors...

BARRY: According to you I have a credit limit.  I have already spent more than that limit, so you clearly let me spend extra. That means you have de facto already raised my limit.

MVC: Barry you have to reign in your spending, increase your payments...

BARRY: Are you trying to hurt the economy? The whole issue is your ridiculous insistence I have a limit on what I can spend. Do you know who I am? I can lower the seas, cool the earth. My voice echoes when I speak.

How about this, I continue making the minimum monthly payment and you abandon the idea of a credit limit altogether? That way I will never be over the limit and you will not have to worry about it every month?  I will never be on your "over-the-limit" report and you won't have to call me.

MVC: Your credit limit...

BARRY:The problem is that you are not charging enough interest to the rich card holders. If you reduced their limit you would have more money to increase my so-called credit limit. Make the richest customers pay more and you will not see my credit as a risk.

MVC: Sir, I insist...

BARRY: What we need is a common sense approach to this problem. My kids and grandkids will likely make more money than I do, so I am sure they will make the payments in the future. Just to make sure we have a win-win, you agree to increase my credit limit to "infinity", and I promise I will not spend as much as I want to in ten years.

MVC:  I'm sorry sir, only a Republican is dumb enough to make that deal.


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaand then Barry trots off to play with his cucumbers.

Anonymous said...

The Wisdom of the ONE !

James Old Guy

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