January 4, 2013

Time for some real Hope and Change in America

I could get used to three day work weeks.

Wait a minute...in the spirit of getting more in tune with the progressive lefties...I have an idea. By gosh, if we are really going to fundamentally change America, let us do it up right.

The Obama should immediately declare the new work week to be a three on / four on bi-weekly schedule. This week you will work three days, next week you will work four days and so forth. Look at the number of jobs that just opened up for those unemployed Americans! But Joe, some of you will whine, what about Church? Well, every good progressive knows that religion is the cause of all strife and trouble in the world. Haven't you listened to the Anthem (John Lennon's Imagine)? 

Think of the productivity this new schedule will generate. Just working weekends will get a 20% increase in manufacturing capacity. And imagine the other benefits.  We will now have so many new jobs that we can fully open our borders. Now there is no longer an illegal immigration problem. With all of those people working, they will all have more money to buy the stuff they are producing and tax revenue will go up and we can offer the benefits and government freebies everyone wants! If a given employer does not want to work seven days a week, or to hire all of the new employees the New Obama Workweek requires, why I think it only reasonable the Government take over that business.  It is for America after all. besides, a central planner can far better manage the burgeoning economy than a bunch of individuals looking out for numero uno.

I even have the slogan to jump start the New Obama Workweek initiative -- Do It NOW! We can even put the famous Obama "O" in the middle.

When we have the four days off, we will enjoy movies and holidays and mini-vacations, spurring the service economy.

We should go all out in this initiative.  The year needs to be made up of twenty-six 14 day work weeks instead of fifty-two 7 day weeks. To avoid confusion we should change the days of the week.  They all have religious connotations and should be changed anyway. And the months should be changed too.  Now just look what we have done -- created jobs in the calender industry, and the software industry. As an added bonus, we can name the months after true visionaries, not old Roman Gods. January can be Alinsky, February could be Roosevelt, March becomes Michelle, April becomes Marx...you get the idea. Of course we should rename December to Obama, 'cause he is the man who gives us stuff, not nasty old white guy Santa.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Why don't we just throw the bums out at the next opportunity.

Seems like it would be easier.

And it will probably be a lot more popular after another two years of Teh Won (By Less This Time).

diamond dave said...

My last workplace I actually worked this schedule. Sure, they were long twelve-hour shifts, but I could look at a whole year's calendar and know exactly what days I had off all year. Every other weekend was a three-day weekend, and there was often the opportunity for OT on your three-day workweeks. Too bad the job didn't pay crap, though.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I think that's the whole downside of Joe's proposal.

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