January 29, 2013

Wilson was right

Let me see if I have this right. You are broke. It is two days until payday. Your credit cards are maxed out. The only cash you have is the jar of change you keep on your dresser. What do you do?  Invite the neighbors over for dinner! Offer to pay their doctor bills!

That is exactly what the folks in Washington are planning. Apparently the people who can't stop making laws have no concept of the definition of "Illegal".  Elected representatives from both parties are rushing to pass amnesty for tens of millions of illegals -- they are not "undocumented workers" -- they are criminals who broke federal law to enter the country.

The good news is the already strained welfare system will be burdened even more. Every one of those lawbreakers will get access to Obamacare! The administration is already pushing the food stamp program among the illegal community.

Remember when Obama promised us this:

Not only does ObamaCare force employers to cover abortions, but now we face the prospect of free healthcare for illegals.I guess he did lie. I suspect an apology will be forthcoming...

I am just a math-challenged history major, but even I can figure out that you cannot provide free health insurance to twenty or thirty million more people without adding to the cost.


Greybeard said...

I think we need Erin's brilliance to explain this.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

You know, our ancestors revolted over less than this.

Anonymous said...

Of course he was lying every time he opens his mouth its a lie.

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

And you think your blog is getting old?
This was great.

Erin O'Brien said...

Ahhhhh ... Erin O'Brien here, broadcasting from balmy Cleveland, Ohio where it is 64 degrees on January 30th.

Agreed, Ed. I love posts like this. I remember dropping in over here during the thick of election season and Hoose had posted some idiotic graphic joke dpicting every righty's favorite "slut" Sandra Fluke. I thought, thanks, Hoose, for helping out the left.

So keep tackin' hard right, boys. Keep up the overblown unverified rhetoric. You keep on denigrating Latinos.

Jindal: "We must stop being the party of stupid."

Fat chance, sugartits.

Joe said...

EOB, you caught me, I secretely edited the President to say those things at the State of the Union.

I bow before your wisdom. I propose we just open the borders and let everyone have everything for free.

In fact, I long for the coming days when the government can provide me with my every need.

Liberalism does help build community. Once fully implemented, I can finally meet my neighbors while we wait together in line for bread and toilet paper.

Joe said...

BTW, what part of my post is wrong? Did not "undocumented workers" break federal law by coming in to the country? Does ObamaCare force employers to pay for abortions or not? Are illegals not getting "food stamps"? Did Obama make this speech or not?

Where are my facts in dispute?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, exactly what is unverified about Joe's post? "You lie" was a nine days' wonder when it happened. You'd have thought they were going to take Joe Wilson out and hang him from the nearest lamppost.

As for the rest, I'm scratching my head as to how anyone could deny the plain truth of it.

Anonymous said...

Quit picking on EOB she doesn't know any better her liberal coolaid has destroyed any ability to reason and facts don't matter only feelings. James Old Guy

Erin O'Brien said...

God I am fabulous. I can hardly stand myself.

Anonymous said...

Wow ate you really going to set yourself up for the obvious comeback?

Don't make it so easy!


Erin O'Brien said...

Just reread the speech. Nope. No talk of food stamps for illegals in it. Anywhere.


Erin O'Brien said...

Maybe you meant this speech:


No time to read it now, have to go meet other fabulous liberals and discuss our fabulosity over lunch. You read it for me. You go on and show me the text that talks about giving food stamps to illegals.

Joe said...

re food stamps -- I did not say Obama said it in his SOU speech, I said the administration is pushing food stamps to the illegal community. see these for a gfew pesky facts:




Greybeard said...

I bet Erin doesn't own a gun.
I bet Erin regrets that within a year.
Who's holding the money?

Woodman said...

Better question for you guys...

Where are the additional family doctors that will treat 30-40 million new patients?

Are they coming out of our medical schools? Don't think so since most of them have tons of student debt and go into specialized fields to make the real money, money that isn't dictated by Medicare Average Reimbursements.

Even if you make the assumption, that I don't, that this is the right thing to do, it just won't work. That dog won't hunt, that cock won't crow, that just won't fly at all.

And anyone who has been to the doctor lately can tell you they are more concerned with filling out the new electronic records system than actually diagnosing something in a "wellness" visit. Because if they screw up and don't enter everything there are penalties, if they don't diagnose your health problem early like an annual exam is supposed to do then it's no sweat off their backs. I've known my doctor for years, and she was hard pressed to maintain a bedside manner while making sure she checked all the boxes.

I hope we don't all end up with LPNs as our family physicians.

Erin O'Brien said...

You know Hoose, every one of those links notes that the partnership you seemed so concerned about was forged in 2004--under the Bush administration. From the third (Fox) link:

"There have been an estimated 151 activities or meetings between U.S. and Mexican officials related to the initiative since it began in 2004 under the administration on then-President George W. Bush."

Every one of those links talks about eligible participants. Obama didn't make more people eligible. You're either eligible or you're not.

Erin O'Brien said...

Oh and Woodman, since you're here, I did indeed offer you an apology.

Joe said...

So? Are those things not on-going? They are just as wrong now, unless you think two wrongs make a right?

The point is that if we give citizenship to millions of criminal law breakers, they become eligible for ObamaCare and the cost models, already shaky, explode out of control.

You accused me of "overblown unverified rhetoric [and] denigrating Latinos"

I am still not seen evidence of unverified facts or of denigrating a single Latino. If calling a criminal a criminal is denigration, then so be it. BTW, I have re-read the post and never mentioned Latinos at all. You are the one putting race into the conversation.

I have a problem with illegal immigration no matter if the culprit is Mexican, Canadian, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Arab, Polish, Italian, Cuban or German.. to name just a few possibilities.

I have no issue with legal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

The current feel good but worthless talks will do nothing. Any bill that includes, fines, back taxes, cost to an illegal means nothing for the vast majority of illegals. Think about what they are saying, its pay for citizenship and get to the back of the line. There maybe a few thousand that will actually do that but the vast majority won't be able to afford it. So we will just create another class of criminals. I don't have a solution for the problem, but nothing I have seen proposed will do anything. We do have laws in place but don't enforce them much like the gun laws,its all political bullshit from both parties. We won't have to worry long with the current economic conditions the illegals will be going back to the old home anyway.
James Old Guy

Erin O'Brien said...

"The administration is already pushing the food stamp program among the illegal community."

That is what you said in your post, when in fact the Obama administration is continuing to meet whatever obligations the Bush admin set up in 2004. The links you offered verified this.

Is it wrong? I would have to know more about the program and who is eligible.

That's just one point in your post, Joe. I have no intention of shaking down the whole truth behind the other points, either by way of argument or research.

Anonymous said...

"in fact the Obama administration is continuing to meet whatever obligations the Bush admin set up in 2004."

Yes. The administration IS doing it by your own admission. I don't care who started it. It IS going on...just as I stated.


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