February 10, 2013

Do not read this post unless you want to be bored or are in need of soporific material

Friday the Missus and I joined some friends up in Capital City for a quick dinner and a show. We had tickets to see Larry the Cable Guy. Larry was entertaining as always. I imagine his humor only appeals to a certain segment of the population and I doubt many of my artsy-fartsy liberal friends were there. It was not a mimosa-at-the-art gallery crowd -- beer and pigs-in-a-blanket more likely comprises the party fare of your typical Larry the Cable Guy fan.. I have long suspected some of you imagine Larry is my better looking, funnier, smarter doppelganger.

I'm healthy as a broken down horse
My complaints of frequent, long-lasting chronic diarrhea finally made a impression on my doctor. My vivid and detailed account of the seven hour trip home from Rockford, Illinois a few weeks ago left him nauseous. He decided to change my meds before I broke into another tale. He cut me off before I could even mention that a score of gas stations, truck stops and McDonald's across central Illinois have banned me for life.

I have been on the  new pills for over a week and so far there have been no urges to make a bowl of ass soup, but my glucose levels indicate maple syrup is flowing in place of blood. The quack doc says give it four weeks. I have said it before, getting old ain't for the faint of heart.

I am part way through F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tales of the Jazz Age. I am enjoying it. I have always liked his writing. I have often opined I would travel back to the turn of the 20th Century were I in possession of a time machine. Perhaps the 1920's would be a better choice. If you are a historian of fashion and culture, could there be a bigger shift in clothing, morals, and societal character than comparing the earliest years of the century to the 1920's? Compare Meet Me in St. Louis to The Great Gatsby. Only about 15 or 20 years separates the two stories.



As an added bonus, there was not as much horse shit lining the streets of 1920's America. I find it interesting that as soon as muck-filled streets started to disappear, dresses quit dragging the ground.

If I was smart, this would have been three posts, instead of one I wrote Saturday and published Sunday. Yep, not only is the content boring, it is not even fresh!

Bad Blogger.


Jean said...

Seems like once we enter our 50s, doctors figure 'why bother?'. Don't stop making yours pay attention.

If you find that time machine, make sure it has room for two, Joe.

Cappy said...

LTCG rules!

mts1 said...

I'm sure you're a fan of Shorpy as much as I am, and noticed in every photo pre-1920 how absolutely full of horse crap every street, even main boulevards, was. I cannot imagine what a hassle getting a Model A or T out of muddy street with those narrow tires must've been. Women cut their hair for the first time since WW I put them in the mills and factories permanently for the first time, and the hair was due to get caught in machinery.

One thing about the 1920's, the Cubs had their best years yet to come! Another thing, everyone tried to dress well in public. Even bums had leather shoes and suits with ties and hats. No one would go to the corner store in their flip flops and sweats.

The question of the hour is, if HB went 1920, would he wear a bowler or a fedora? All men wore hats, and the bowler was still standard wear though the fedora was coming on strong. Or would he throw us a curve and wear a boater?

Joe said...

My natural inclination would be for a pork pie hat, but they had fallen out of fashion by the 1920's. I would be a definite bowler hat man. No new-fangled fedora for me.

I am a jeans and t-shirt guy on my time. I even gave up wearing suits on business calls about five or six years ago. I was the last guy in the lobby anywhere wearing a suit and tie. Now I wear Dockers and dress shirts (polo shirts in the summer). Sometimes I miss wearing my suit and wingtips.

Society lost something when it became acceptable to wear casual clothes in public.

Joe said...

And Shorpy is evil. It will suck me in for hours.

For those of you who do not know the Shorpy website there is a link over there on the right.

hey teacher... said...

In response to your jeans kinda guy reponse.
Just because everybody in the lobby is doing it doesn't mean you have to Joseph, (do you hear your mom's voice). Buck fashion and wear your suit and tie like a real man, (maybe a real old man but a real man none the less).
I'm pretty sure SeanHannity will be the next Pope.

Anonymous said...

Sure teach but there is soooo much to be said for comfort! Not to mention reduced dry cleaning. But most importantly the 50 pounds I have dropped since I last wore my suits mean none fit! I do have a couple of nice sport coats I wear when needed


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