February 21, 2013

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Want ot play a "what if" game? Too bad, we are playing anyway.

Imagine you are paid $360 every week. Times are tough at your workplace, and your boss says you have to take a reduction in pay. You will now get $8.60 less every pay period. That means, for those of you who are like me -- math challenged -- your check every week will be $351.40.

Will you miss that eight bucks?  Maybe. Will it necessitate a different lifestyle? Will you call that 2.3% decrease a devastating reduction? Add about ten zeroes to the back of those numbers and you will find the budget numbers represented by the Sequestration "cuts".  Yes, that is right. Sequestration. will cut $86 billion from a $3.6 trillion budget. To make the President's (and John Boehner's) hyperbole even more ridiculous -- these cuts come from automatic spending increases of 5-8%. Our politicians are crying about "cuts" that are simply reductions in increased spending!

To go back to our imaginary scenario, you are not getting a reduction in your check, you are really getting a 3% raise instead of a 5% raise.  The horror!  How will you survive?

I keep waiting for the liberal women's rights types to make a comment on certain a Democratic Senator and his penchant for making the beast with two backs with underage prostitutes. Chirp, chirp.  Bob Packwood must be asking WTF?

I also am interested in the liberals position on rape as defined by  Colorado Democrats who think the best defense for rape is urinating on the attacker or trying muster up some vomit to scare him off. Isn't that approach akin to the "rape is inevitable" position? Perhaps the NOW supporters used up all of their rage decrying Republican Senatorial candidates back in November. Fighting for the cause in the famed War on Women must have worn them out.


diamond dave said...

I'd really like to know someone who can vomit, urinate, or defecate on cue, they can be my bodyguard. Oh wait, that would be a reptile. But seriously, if someone could do those things on a moment's notice, there would be no need to carry guns. There probably wouldn't be rapes or assaults either.

Anonymous said...

Well the liberal press is playing it up big time. Of course its the Republicans fault that Obama signed the law. Liberals short on truth great on half lies and bullshit and changing the subject. You can't even have a civil discussion about any subject without being called all kinds of names. I have stopped trying, its not worth my time and the stupidity brought forth as an argument is amazing. Oh and the republicans will cave, they have no choice, the biggest liar in the world has the press behind him. The idiots that elected that moron will believe anything.
James Old Guy

Cappy said...

I think that secastration may be a good idea.

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