February 26, 2013

I will not quote that effing song, even though it would make a perfect title for this post

It is said that some pioneers were driven crazy by the relentless winds as they slowly crossed the northern plains in their wagons and carts. I had a friend who lived in Gillette, Wyoming and he said the wind blew constantly.

This has been a windy winter. We have not had a great deal of snow, but we have had some remarkably windy days.  Steady blows of 25 and 30 mph (or more) have not been unusual this season. Fortunately, I have yet to detect signs of wind madness in my spouse. Me, I set the standard for normal, so who can tell? I am after all, an Average Joe.

Last night the siding squeaked and the shingles creaked as strong winds buffeted the eaves. This morning we are gifted with horizontal rain to go with the wind. Oh, but that I had put gas in the car last night! Such is life.

The rain may or may not change to ice and snow later in the day. I vote rain. I can live with snow.  I do not like ice, Sam-I-Am. Not in a car, not in a bar. I do not like ice. Not with lice, not with mice. I do not like ice, Sam-I-Am.

Shaddup. Dr. Suess' birthday is Saturday.

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