February 22, 2013

What is good for the goose...

As we discussed yesterday, Obama says we cannot afford the "devastating" cuts the sequestration will bring about. Now truth be told, this plan was Obama's, and in fact the "cuts" are really just reductions in the planned increased spending.

Leaving those facts aside,  isn't it interesting the government cannot afford these "deep cuts" amounting to about 2% of the budget, yet each and every working taxpayer took a 2% pay cut starting January 1 when the payroll tax holiday was allowed to expire?

 You can afford to cut 2% from your budget.  The bloated Federal Government can't.

Go ahead, keep voting the same bastards back into office.

Edit:  Who is really killing the economy?  Hint, it is not the sequester.
Darden [restaurants] isn't the only company saying the higher payroll tax has cut into its business. On Thursday Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said higher taxes, along with rising gas prices and delayed income tax refunds, were also crimping spending by its customers.
On Jan. 1, Social Security payroll taxes rose 2 percentage points after a temporary tax cut expired. That sliced about $1,000 from the annual take-home pay of a household earning $50,000. source

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Anonymous said...

This one belong to Obama, his thugs wanted it and he signed it in to law. The Chief Liar and Thief is working hard to hang this on the republicans. He is not man enough to actually take the blame for anything.

James Old Guy

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