March 5, 2013

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I got out of Chi-town late last night to avoid the winter storm bearing down It made for a long day, driving up and back with three meetings in between. But a 14 hour day was far preferable to the long day driving through freezing rain an a half foot or more of snow.

This morning I was up at 5:00, I don't know why.

I had to replace the battery in the boy's car this morning. That is what happens when you do not start a car with a five year-old battery for a month.  I tried jumping it and charging it, but it was D-E-D dead.

When did car batteries get so expensive? I was thinking a battery for a ten year old Honda Civic would run in the neighborhood of $50. It was about twice that. I blame Obama, just because I can.


diamond dave said...

Back in January we had the batteries in both of our vehicles die the same week. At over $100/pop, and having to work reduced hours at work, we elected to keep my wife's minivan running and be a one-car family for the time being.

My elderly 250K Bonneville still sits in the driveway oozing oil. It may sit a while longer. Luckily I work nights when she don't need a vehicle, and pretty much everything we need and everywhere we go is within a 10-15 mile radius.

Ed Bonderenka said...

i had to put a battery in my 2001 Ranger last summer.
I went to a battery shop where they do rebuilding and paid $50.
Imagine my surprise to find that the battery being replaced was original equipment! 11 years old!

mts1 said...

I have an Interstate Batteries warehouse nearby, and they sell refurbished ones for $35. I am a happy customer. If you have one nearby, keep it in mind.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Interstate Batteries rock.

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