April 19, 2013

Just a coincidence

It appears the two brothers sought in the Boston Marathon Bombing are Chechen and Muslim. I am sure religion had nothing to do with the acts of terror. I also have a mountain cabin located in central Indiana for sale.

The good news is one brother is now facing eternal judgement.  I hope the other brother dies from rapid injection lead poisoning too. And soon.

Chris Mathews and the liberals who blamed right-wingers will apologize in 3...2...1...

update: According to a radio report, Dana Bash of CNN actually said even though the brothers were Chechen Muslims, they still could be affiliated with the Tea Party or other Right Wing Groups. I am trying to find verification. Clearly there is no media bias at CNN (insert sarcasm font).


Rey B said...

Don't hold your breath waiting on that apology. You will just pass out and have a headache when you wake up.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I hope the guy at Salon who was hoping it would be a white conservative Tea Party male is choking on his double serving of crow this morning.

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