April 12, 2013

Thanks Democrats

My wife has worked as a teacher's assistant for 14 years. She is very good at her job, and likes it. Thanks to Obama and the Democrats she is about to take a pay cut. She works 30 hours a week.  That means the school system has to provide her with health insurance starting in the fall. My wife does not want the school insurance.  She is covered under mine. She knew she could not get insurance when she took the job. Now since she and her co-workers might opt in, the school will cut their hours to make sure they do not reach the 30 hour threshold.

Once again the unintended consequences and reality have stepped in to hurt the very people the Democrats are trying to help. Next, the morons in the Democrat Party will mandate employers who cut hours to avoid the excessive costs of ObamaCare will have to increase pay to make up for lost hours.  That way millions will lose their job altogether.

Perhaps that is the plan?

Fucking moron assholes.


Erin O'Brien said...

Yup. What we need is a single payer system.

Joe said...

No, what we need is for the government to stay out of private business.

Thanks to you and your ilk, my premiums are sky rocketing, my wife is taking a pay cut and my son is getting reduced hours.

Great plan your party fostered. Only an economic nitwit believes you can provide more benefits to more people without raising costs.

ObamaCare is not even fully implemented and the cost models are proving remarkable wrong. Jus tthis week we learn the state exchanges will cost TWICE as much.

Woodman said...

Before lifetime limits were removed, and annual limits were raised, the largest claim I had heard of was 6 million dollars.

There was one last year of over 13 million. And of course, 9 times out of 10 if you go over a couple million, the patient dies that year.

When most groups had 1 million dollar limits there were very few multi-million dollar claims. Payment plans were worked out, reduced rates, additional PPO savings, and charity write-offs were the norm.

Now, hell, insurance will pay for it, keep billing!

I work at a self funded TPA. Each little implementation of PPACA has added a measurable amount to the amount charged for insurance.

Looking at the single payer system. If there is no profit motive then service suffers, it's a fact. Do you get good service at the DMV? (Actually Indiana started giving bonuses to effective offices so that's gotten much better) Do you get good service at the county courthouse? Or any other government service that isn't actively pushing people to perform better through artificial private market stimulus?

Estimates were that 57 million people were uninsured before PPACA, 20 million of their own will. 12 million illegal aliens. So 25 million or so that had no options for coverage.

Latest estimates are showing at least 34 million with no coverage after PPACA is totally active.

So far 58k "uninsurables" have gone through over 5 billion in funds, as of last summer, for coverage. These were the high risk people that couldn't get coverage beacuse they were already deadly ill that went on the federal pool right when PPACA was passed.

Wait till next year when an individual can choose to pay the penalty, not be insured. Sign up for one month, get a physical, find out they have X disease, stay on the plan till they are cured, and then drop off again. Or even just get diagnosed before they take coverage.

You'll be able to call and buy fire insurance on your house while it's burning down. That's not insurance, that's immoral and dishonest.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Anyone who thinks single-payer works should be forced to live in England and get their health care from the National Health Service.

I have friends who could tell you stories about the NHS, but they won't have to once Obamacare rules the land.

Erin O'Brien said...

Don't thank me, Hoose. This "plan" was formulated by the Heritage Foundation and first implemented by Mitt Romney in MASS.

I never did like it much.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter whose bad idea it was. It was the democrats who gave us this expensive worthless POS law

Erin O'Brien said...

Yeah, well, Dubya gave us the Iraq war and an economic crisis.

Ed Bonderenka said...

My God!
There it is again!
That's how they think!
Talk about healthcare and next it's Dubya!
Is it ADD or just the inability to defend a position without an attempt to deflect the focus?
That's why there can be no fruitful discussion with liberals.

Anonymous said...

I guess Clinton's failure to kill Osama had nothing to do with that war. The sub prime lending pushed by the democrats had no impact on the economy. Just more cherry picking.

Anonymous said...

And we should ignore that GW went into Iraq with Dem support. The Aca is 100% on the Femocrat party

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

W didn't give us the economic crisis. The Democrat Congress starting in January 2007 saw to that.

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