April 15, 2013

The weekends go so fast

Yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny with temperatures in the low 70's; Chamber of Commerce weather indeed. I did yard work most of the day. I cleaned out some flower beds, pulled a few weeds. You may or may not remember my mower died with the waning days of fall last year. I bought a new mower yesterday and mowed the yard. To reward myself for a hard day's work I had a couple of cold beers and a nice cigar*

I finished A Feast for Crows the fourth installment of the Game of Thrones books (A Song of Ice and Fire is actually the name of the series) last evening.  I read nearly 800 pages in about four days.  Not too bad when you consider I was reading at lunch and in the evenings. I normally do not like Sci-Fi or fantasy, but I dig these books. A semi-medieval soap opera is the best description I can muster. As soon as Amazon drops the price of the next installment I will read it on my Kindle.

I am certain you are riveted by this interesting post, but I have a conference call in a few minutes so I will have to cut off short. Sometimes life is filled with disappointment.

* A Rocky Patel Burn if you care.

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