May 22, 2013

At least the Administration recognizes the Fifth Amendment...

I want to be very careful how I present the massage I want you to take away from this post. As a student of history, I have often wondered how people can sit back and watch events unfold and turn a blind eye. For instance, there were many who knew the extent of the Final Solution in Hitler's Germany, yet looked the other way. There were people who countenanced Mussolini's abuses.  After all, he made the trains run on time.

Progressives in Europe and America overlooked the brutal murders of Lenin's Soviet Russia because they agreed with basic political philosophies. !960's radicals were so against the war in Vietnam they supported the very regime that was torturing American POWs.

A perusal of liberal-leaning blogs shows little outrage over the IRS scandals. Often these are the very same people who were scandalized and outraged -- indignant even -- over provisions of the Patriot Act (and rightly so). Their vocal outrage over the imagined tyranny of the Bush administration held no bounds.  But these same supporters of the Democrat Party and President Obama are covering their eyes and ears to outrageous, un-American, activity by partisan hacks in the IRS. Clearly there were members of the White House staff that knew what was going on.

I do not posses the vocabulary or writing ability to express my utter disgust at your propensity to put politics over principle. Some of you routinely get on your soapbox proclaiming your support for Women's Rights or for Gay Rights. But you clearly have no such compulsion to support the First Amendment Rights of every American.  Clearly, you are only interested in preserving the interests of those who think like you do.  You tell us putting a cross in a jar of piss is OK, because that "artist" has a right to express his beliefs. You support the burning of the American Flag as a symbol of protest.

But when the full might and authority of the United States Government is turned on individuals in an effort to suppress their beliefs and political philosophy, you write about recipes or movies or go silent as a nuclear sub in enemy waters.

The next time you liberals and progressive bloggers get all in a dander and write about the right of this group or that group, I will know the truth.  You are just a hypocrite of the worst kind. At least the guy who gets drunk, cheats on his wife and goes to church on Sunday admits he is a sinner. You are worse.  You will stab a friend in the back, as long as you gain from the transaction. You have no loyalty.  You have no honor. You make me sick.

But hey, we got healthcare passed.  But hey, the trains run on time.


Anonymous said...

Very well said.

James Old Guy

Cappy said...

Liberals of old said "I hate what you are saying, but will defend to the death your right to say it.

Current shitball liberals say "I'd look forward to selling your daughters into slavery to the lowest bidder, and would eagerly rat you out to any available scum. On principle."

Ed Bonderenka said...

I saw the bait, but I haven't seen EOB.

Anonymous said...

That bait is not designed for any specific hypocrite fish. Who ever bites is fine by me.

More likely we will hear crickets


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Nicely put. Sorry I didn't say so sooner, but I've been away for a couple of days.

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