May 17, 2013


Think back on the various bosses you have had over the years.  Was there any worse manager than the one who blamed his workers when things went wrong and took all of the credit when things went right?

The current occupier of the White House sure seems to be a lot like that boss, doesn't he?


Mockingbird1 said...

My experience was different in financial services. I worked with excellent managers who taught, helped, even accompanied me on sales appointments. I was blessed with professionals that knew how to work selflessly toward the companies' goals. We all benefitted.
My friends, however, would describe horrible situations of bosses doing what you have described. And I do now recognize that pattern in many people-some family members, some local people, and, yes, the President of the United States.

Joe said...

back when I had people working for me, my attitude was "you did something right", "we did something wrong".

diamond dave said...

Or the bosses that were totally out of touch with the people under them and how they got the work done in the first place ("you didn't build that"). That's the kind of administration we currently have in the White House.

mts1 said...

The boss who put you up to something dangerous or stupid, then chastised or fired you for doing to the letter what you were told to you under penalty of firing in the first place.

I see that in Benghazi and Fannie Mae.

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