May 28, 2013

Monday II -- The Sequel

Good morning blog readers across the fruited plain.  We find ourselves on a Tuesday that feels like a Monday. Even though it is a short work week it is going to be a busy one. I have a big project due Friday, and since today is already Tuesday, as I already mentioned -- you have to keep up, dang it -- I am already a day behind.  Or so you think.  I actually worked hard last Friday and got much of it done, so take that doubters.

If I get my work done I am going to take a day of vacation Friday.  The wife is having a garage sale Saturday. I plan on helping her drag out some big stuff to get rid of.  Do you need a set of bunk beds, a curio cabinet? How about a bicycle? I have a 70cc dirt bike motorcycle if you are up to a thrill or two. Come on by Saturday morning.  Leave your cash, take away my junk high quality, slightly used merchandise.

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