May 26, 2013

Rambling Sunday Nonsense With No Politics

If you like fast cars and basketball, today is a good day to be in the Indianapolis area. The Indianapolis 500 will go off as scheduled around noon; weather permitting.  Professional basketball playoffs continue tonight as the Pacers take on the Miami Heat at 8:00.

It is quite likely I will watch neither. I have never seen the Indy 500 live on TV.  It is blacked out in most of Indiana. I have been to the race twice, back in the 1980's. Lots of fun. Lots of people. The un-fun of getting in and getting out of the track far outweighed the fun inside, at least for me. The beginning of the race will make your hair stand on end.  The end is a thrill, especially if you are sitting near the start line.

I am not a basketball fan, never have been. I especially hate the NBA brand of hoops.  There should not be different rules for special players.  A foul is a foul, even if your name is LeBron or Michael. I am pretty sure the rules specify one is to dribble the ball, not run down the lane like the six year-olds in the winter league at the Boys Club.

I did some yard work yesterday and mowed the yard in anticipation of a raining afternoon today and Monday.It needed it in any case.

As I type these words, a cardinal is singing on a branch outside my office window.  The coffee is hot and Dire Straits is singing about "Guitar George". In the next room the boy is getting ready for work.

Have a good Sunday.


hey teacher... said...

My rambling...
Our youngest graduated last night and she was one of seven valedictorians and each gave short speeches. I'm pretty sure her's was more profound than the one I gave as class clown, I mean class president, 35 years ago.
Time seems to be accelerating exponentially. I believe I was just coaching her in T-ball last summer and now she'll be off to IUPUI for Biology/Pre-Optometry studies. Next thing you know she'll be fitting me for my prescription Google glasses.
My "Dad is proud of his baby girl" rambling moment is now officially over. Thank you for the moment.

Joe said...


You should be proud.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Yeah, Teach!

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