June 22, 2013

It ain't no Obamaphone, but I'll take it anyway

Since my body is still somewhat time-zone confused, I took yesterday afternoon off from work. In truth, I have always adjusted pretty well to international travel. I usually do not have much jet lag.  I learned a long time ago the best option is to sleep/stay awake on the plane so you can get on the local time zone ASAP. While this trip was my first international trip in a decade, old lessons stick with you. In other words, the fact I was up and working at 0400 probably had more to do with my on-going weird sleep issues than my globe trotting.

But I digress.

Any way, the wife and I headed off to the big city to take advantage of the Best Buy iPhone 4 trade-in program.special. We were both able to trade in our old iPhones for a new iPhone 5 at no cost beyond sales tax.  It looks to be a sweet ride.


yabu said...

iPhone 5s' are a sweet ride.

CnC said...

Think I'm going to the dark side next month and switch from IPhone to the Galaxy.

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