June 29, 2013

What I really need is a good cartoon or joke for this Saturday post.

The Cubs were on late last night, a result of a west coast swing. I fell asleep watching the game. This morning I see the bullpen blew another game.

The rains of last night have moved on leaving a bright sky this morning. I slept pretty well last night -- only waking a few times, but I feel refreshed this morning. I know you are all worried and stuff.

The coffee is black and hot and Layla is playing softly on my wireless Bose speaker. In other words life is good for a Saturday morning.

It looks like another blogger has disappeared into the ethernet. When I looked up Rita this morning her site was gone.  Maybe it is a glitch in the interwebz? I hope so. MTS has cleaned out the content of his site. What is going on?  Blogging is dead. I just clearly have not accepted the facts of life.

I am off for a walk.  I have not exercised since before I left for China. Bad Joe.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Which version of Layla? While I like the original, I'm kind of partial to the unplugged reboot.

CnC said...

I just tried to read her blog and was denied, I guess she has become so exclusive she won't even let her own brother in !

CnC said...

This is the message I just got from her,

"Because some idiot is posting on fb CNN site that Al Roket sued Giada for sexually harassment.
So I'm getting a bunch of people coming to that fake post I had. "

Joe said...

Nathan -- it was the original, but iam also partial to the unplugged version.

CnC -- look at all the hits she is missing!

CnC said...

Joe I gave her plenty if hits when we were kids!

Anonymous said...

Wireless Bose Speaker is great.

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

Something happened with Rita and a hoax, I'm not sure what except for references she made before it went down. Fact is, I didn't know it had gone until I read your post.
She was getting a lot of comments she didn't want.

Rita had turned me on to this blog:

Blogging is an odd community.
Not enough positive feedback to encourage the effort sometimes.

Rita said...

I'm not leaving guys, although it's nice to know I COULD be missed.

Two years ago I wrote a tongue in cheek post about Al Roker suing Giada for sexual harassment. I had watched a Today episode where Giada offered Roker him a taste of gravy off her little finger. It was quite entertaining and my post was about what is and is not sexual harassment.

Now some knucklehead has posted in CNN's Facebook page and other places that Roker sued Giada and Food Network didn't fire her like they did Paula Deen.

So I was getting all kinds of traffic from people from Facebook or googling it and hitting my blog title.

I figured I'd go dark for a couple of days until the Deen controversy dies down.

I guess I'm one of those bloggers who really does not want to go viral thank you very much.

Anyway, nice to hear I'm one of your favs Joe, although I've yet to figure out why anyone reads my nonsense.

Well except for those looking for Giada either being sued or Giada porn pictures (you wouldn't believe how many people end up there after googling THAT).

Anonymous said...

You could have turned off comments or just deleted the post (or maybe put it to draft if you wanted to save it).

Closing the blog seems a bit like using a howitzer to kill a fly.

Joe said...

James -- I love, love love my Bose wireless speaker. It is worth every dollar I spent on it.

Rita said...

I honestly figured hardly anyone would notice if I was down for a day or two.

I wasn't getting any comments, just a lot of traffic. Maybe that's not a bad thing, but to have them come to a silly post that was even labeled at the top that it was tongue in cheek, I cannot believe someone saw one line and believed it without reading the whole thing.

Next thing you know, my post about the Obama administration forcing Jewish hospitals to serve pork will be on MSNBC.

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