July 12, 2013

Catching up

As is often the case some of my posts this week were canned. You know that ocasionally happens. But I use a combination of salt, Fruit Fresh, Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA),  butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and my own secret preservative recipe to make my words, thoughts, opinions, and overall wisdom seem freshly produced from the field and factory.

Sometimes not having convenient access to the interwebz during my travels means I cannot keep you updated on the latest adventures in my fun-filled life.  For instance I was on this flight. I can only compliment the captain and crew for their professionalism and care for their passengers. The ground personnel at the Indianapolis Airport and bus drivers were wonderful. Once in the terminal the airline sent 1 (ONE!) customer service rep to reschedule and rebook the 78 passengers. That was not so wonderful.  I was told by some of my fellow travelers the next day the hotel accommodations arranged by the airline were beyond dismal.  As one lady put it, "crack whores and hookers would even refuse to stay there".  A couple of people looked at the rooms and went back to the airport to sleep on the floor.

It was almost 8 PM by the time I left the parking garage. My working Wednesday was almost 14 hours. Such is my life .

The next morning my rebooked flight left shortly after 5 AM. That means I had to leave home around 3 AM. I did my business and got home last night just a few minutes short of 9 PM. That equates to an 18 hour day, if my history major math holds up. I gave my employer 32 hours over two days.

I think of weeks like this when people tell me "I wish I had your job."

My boss was complaining on Wednesday morning in a conference call he had worked 9 hours on Tuesday. 

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