July 10, 2013

Food Pic Haters Rejoice

Yesterday I fired up my decrepit gas grill and threw on a couple of brats. I heated a can of Bavarian sauerkraut* and enjoyed a lunch fit for a Frankish King, or at least a prosperous Burgermeister. Unfortunately, I gobbled down the feast before I remembered to take a picture to excite your jealousy.
Lunch reminded me of a trip through Bavaria on my way to Austria several years ago.  We stopped at a city along the Donau (Danube).  There was an open air restaurant beside the river.  A fat waiter in a white apron spoke to my German friend. My buddy laughed and said "Only in Bavaria.  You can only have bratwurst and kraut, but what kind of beer do you want?" Unfortunately, I did not have a beer with my lunch yesterday. 

* I do not know the difference between the Bavarian style and regular sauerkraut other than perhaps the inclusion of a few scattered caraway seeds.

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