July 2, 2013

Good morning


I often write posts and publish them hours or days and sometimes weeks in advance.  I make up the time stamps to fit the whim of the moment. This post is live, fresh not frozen. I am using my stubby fingers to hunt and peck away at the keyboard in real time. Locally it is 4:43. That would be in the morning. My buddy insomnia popped by  just before three and we have been hanging out since. We watched some TV. Then we decided to pay some bills and send out some work-related emails. I think we will work on our expense reports after bit.

I have always been very good at compartmentalizing. I developed the habit in college and honed it to a fine craft when I was a Customer Service Manager. It was not unusual to have a dozen problems in process on my desk at once in those busy days. The phone did not stop ringing just because I was in the middle of tracking down parts or expediting a production run. This skill allowed me to focus on the issue at hand.

In a like matter, compartmentalization allows me to relax and forget about the daily tumult and problems life and work throw at me. Until lately.

I have always been subjected to occasional bouts of insomnia. Lately it has been almost every night.   I cannot find the inner switch that allows me to shut of my brain. I thought about taking an over the counter sleep aid or even asking doctor for a script. I have always had an aversion to sleep aids and I am reluctant to take them still. In my youth I often managed to function on four hours of sleep.  At 51 I think it is a little more difficult.


Jean said...

Taught myself short, simple meditation. Been working well for about two years.

My insomnia was bad enough for a while that it affected health, work, life in general.

hey teacher... said...

Download a few John Kerry speeches and you'll be snoring in no time, unless of course you are screaming at the monitor.
I too recommend the meditation, perhaps with a little
Le ecru music in the background.

hey teacher... said...

$&@#}{]£€ Ipad spell check! That's ehru, (Chinese string instrument), music.

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