July 23, 2013

Isn't time for John McCain to retire?

I read where John McCain (RINO ARZ) is pushing to replace the dollar bill with a coin. Only the government can take an unpopular idea, spend millions implementing it, only to see it fail.  Then they rinse and repeat.  Then they do it again. Once a bad idea permeates the air of the reclaimed swamps of Washington DC, it lives forever in a zombie-like existence.

In my lifetime we have been subjected to the Eisenhower Dollar (and the Kennedy half dollar), The Susan B Anthony, and the Sacajawea dollar. Each costs millions to produce and all are out of general circulation. People do not want to carry around a bunch of coins. This time the dollar coin proponents are invoking the change in the name of the Holy Environment.

If we want to save some money at the mint, get rid of the penny. It has virtually no purchasing power.  One court in Indianapolis will find you in contempt of court if you try to use pennies to pay your traffic ticket. Plus no one likes that penny smell on their hands.

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Or better, make the penny worth a dime again (as Og suggested yesterday).

Remember, prices will never be rounded down. They'll always be rounded up. And when sales tax is 7%, how do you get rid of pennies anyway?

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