July 10, 2013

On the other hand, consider OJ

My local fishwrap carries a column by Gene Lyons, an unabashed liberal's liberal.  He never met a Republican he did not hate, and often crows the Fox News/George Bush/ Dick Cheney mantra of liberal disdain.

But this week's effort is spot on. Lyons calls out MSNBC for shoddy reporting and gives an honest take on the Zimmerman trial.

However, to convict George Zimmerman of second-degree murder, a jury must imagine this scenario: Determined to kill an innocent stranger, a man first dials 911, stays on the phone while stalking his victim, remains at the crime scene rather than fleeing, surrenders peacefully, waives his Miranda rights and voluntarily answers hundreds of police questions.
Hard to believe, no?source
In a clear case of I really, really hope I am wrong, I think the race baiters and professional victims and even the current occupant of the White House are waiting to unleash a dose of outrage if the verdict goes not according to justice, but according to race.  There are people looking to cause violence for real and imagined slights; that believe WE, as a society, owe them for 500 years of real and imagined oppression.

I think there are some who welcome a crisis as an excuse to increase their power.  What better way to get a civilian "army" than to quell 1967-type rioting across the nation?

Am I cynical beyond reason? Probably. I would sure like to admit I am wrong. In this case it would be a pleasure.

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Rita said...

After watching a significant amount of the trial online, it is unbelievable this case ever went to trial. It was only for political theater.

If Zimmerman is found not guilty he will be hunted down for the rest of his life unlike OJ who spent his time playing golf and committing armed robbery.

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