July 1, 2013

A stumbling and bumbling start to my Monday

I am not sure how this day is starting. I had a glass of milk with my donut for breakfast. As I neared the last drink I noticed there was a dried chocolate ring on the bottom of the glass the dishwasher failed to clean. This is a result of the boy leaving dirty glasses in his room for days at a time.  I dumped the last of the glass into the sink and scrubbed the glass. I felt half sick.

When  I went to sign into the old blog, my password was rejected three straight times. My first thought was I had been hacked, but then I remembered I had entered a gift card on to my Amazon account and had the caps lock on. My second thought is that a hack job would be an excuse to quit this silly hobby. Fortunately/unfortunately (depending upon your POV) you guys are my cowboy high atop Brokeback Mountain -- I cain't quit you.

It seems almost everyone in my company is on vacation this week. Not me though.   I am here at my desk early; toiling away. That is when I am not wasting time at this piece o'crap. But my workday does not officially start until 8:30, so the few minutes I waste here is OK,  especially since I logged on and started through my emails at 6:30.

It looks like we can expect another few days of rain.  I hope it dries out by the end of the week.  My oldest boy is scheduled to play a show the next town over on Friday as part of the July 4th festivities. I have not seen his band live for a few months and I am looking forward to hearing them live once again.

Don't tell my doctor, I made some homemade ice cream last night.  Sorry, no pictures.  It did not last long enough. And yes,  I did cover my portion in cashews, caramel and chocolate syrup. If I am going to spike my blood sugar, I might as well go all out!

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