July 18, 2013

Thank you F-ing Democrats

Good news for me, all thanks to the Democrat Party!

I will see my health insurance premiums increase 13.8% starting August first, primarily due to the costs of ObamaCare. This horrible legislation has cost my family plenty already. My premiums are going up, my wife has had her hours cut (Yes, Jay Carney it has happened).

Only a stupid fucking economically illiterate Democrat could believe you can give benefits to more people and not have costs go up. Every Democrat in these United States can line up and kiss my hairy ass. I will make sure to fart when Blinky is back there, lips pursed.

This is one sure way to ruin a good mood on a beautiful day.


Scott said...

My health I insurance went up up 38% earlier this year, prompting a change in companies. Who knows what will be next?

Anonymous said...

On a side not, the Rev Jesse Jackson wants a boycott of Florida!! Great news,now I can go to Disney World and not have to deal with out of town thugs.
James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

Are you a thuggist?

Anonymous said...

a boycott would accomplish what, exactly?

Well companies would bribe him to lift the boycott, there is that.

Rita said...

Under 14% increase? You should be celebrating. My last client's rate went up 53%.

I had the health admin guy's name in the Secret Santa. The first thing SS bought his was an I Love Obamacare bumper sticker. He was not amused.

Joe said...

The 14% wa s my share. The company ate the rest. Of course the raise Ihad hoped for is gone, went to pay for increased health insurance premiums. As an added bonus, my company is in New York, so my health premiums are already among the highest in the country -- but still cheaper for me than private insurance (after the company picks up a large chunk of the bill).

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