August 16, 2013

A short tale wherein I am an ass, even when I try to be helpful

Because I am a prince of a human being I accompanied my wife to the tourist mall located in downtown Indianapolis last night. The 'why' to our being there is a long story and not germane to this tale. As usual, we were there when the mall closed. We made our way to the lowest level of the parking garage underneath the mall. As we were getting into our car an older couple approached and asked us where the Carson's exit was in the parking garage. The Carson's department store closed at 8:57 (I know I was sitting just outside their door) and this couple was trying to find their car, since they had to come via a different escalator to the parking garage.  I told the lady the Carson's area was "over there" pointing in the right direction.

As we were driving through the garage towards the exit ramps, we saw the man and wife wandering through the parked cars. I pulled up, rolled down my window and again pointed the couple in the right direction. As we drove past where I thought the Carson's parking area was I saw only a blank wall. It occurred to me that we were on the lowest level of the parking garage, and the Carson's escalator area was on the next floor up. It was right where I indicated, only on a different floor! Quote the wife (laughing): "Wow, you are an asshole, even when you try to be nice".

If that was you roaming the dimly lit parking garage looking for your car, sorry. Perhaps next time you should pay attention to the floor and area where you park.


Anonymous said...

You bastard! We lost our spot at the Cracker Barrel late night all you can gum buffet because of your shitty directions. Some Boy Scout you turned out to be.

James and Estelle Provolonski

Ed Bonderenka said...

Somebody beat me to it.

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