August 3, 2013

An age-old journey

It is a overcast, drizzly Saturday morning. It fits my mood.

 We moved the little one back to college yesterday. He is not the little one any more, he is taller than me, but he will always be our baby. He is starting his sophomore year in an apartment rather than a dorm. Classes do not start for a couple of weeks, but he was more than ready to head back.  I don't blame him.  I was the same at his age.

This time it was much harder because I know he is likely gone for good. Oh, he will be back for holidays and an occasional weekend, but he has taken that first real leap from the nest and once he knows he can fly and soar it is never the same. It did not bother me much to move any of my kids into a dorm room. Everyone involved knew that was temporary.  But an apartment with a year-long lease is pretty much permanent.

It was the same with my two oldest kids, once you start moving the furniture out of their bedrooms you know they are stepping a tentative foot onto their own path of life and destiny. They are on their own for all of life's necessities -- food, shelter, toilet paper. Even if I am helping foot the bill.

It is a little exciting and a lot sad.

Edit.  Then Ralph has to go and send me to this column.


Anonymous said...

Cheer up, when grand kids arrive you will find a joy you never knew existed. You will be frustrated with the new parents,you will have to hold your tongue as they make mistakes. You will see them miss things that only a grandparent sees because we missed those raising them. I can't explain the difference but it is there.
James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

One kid's in Japan.
Hit his career goal in the Navy.
His wife will give us a grandchild in September. I hope he's there to see it. We will, but then afterwards it's a grandchild that will always be in another state.
I have another that's in another state and another branch of the Federal government will not let him come home for another 7 years.
And I have my youngest who lives a town over and whose family we're taking to dinner tonight.
That's life. It could be worse.

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