August 28, 2013

I can't hardly wait

It looks like the Administration is planning attacks in Syria. I cannot wait for the Liberal bloggers to go bat shit.  I occasionally read one in particular who believes that the Bush incursion into Iraq was "the most shameful action in the history of the country".

It is ironic, in Syria we will be supporting Al Qaeda.

Remember when prominent Democrats claimed the President had no authority to send troops into a foreign nation without Congressional approval?  Remember when prominent Democrats wanted to impeach GW for the attacks that led to regime change in Iraq?  What? You want me to name names?  OK, one of the Senators who was adamant the President needed approval was some guy from Illinois called Barack Obama. The Senator calling for impeachment was Joe Biden.

I guess Libya did not count, since we were "leading from behind".At least Bush had the excuse of broken UN sanctions on his side. Syria is just a mess.

Liberals, progressives, Democrats, hypocritical types will cry for proof. How about letting top Democrats speak for themselves?:

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