August 9, 2013

I like my tinfoil hat fashioned like Robin Hood's

I had to take a brief jaunt via airplane earlier this week.  I was struck by the number of TSA and police in the airport; dogs, patrols in the concourse, officers straying away from the security screening areas. Then, a significant number of flights, including mine, were delayed out of Charlotte yesterday. Now late afternoon delays out of Charlotte or Atlanta in the summer are not unusual. But there were no storms in the area, and in each case the gate personnel cited FFA FAA holds for the cause. I know the President mouthed off about intercepting plans to attack our embassies, perhaps he was able to keep his lips zipped about possible airline attacks? Maybe the delays were the typical "too many flights in and out at the same time" in the eastern seaboard metropolis? Only the shadow, and his hairdresser, know for sure.

On the bright side, it is Friday and you are clamoring for some music to get you through your day.    Damnit I said you are clamoring...

I don't think Bob has made it to the Friday Music post before.


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Yep, young farmers are stopping planes from flying all over the country.

Sometimes my fingers type of their own will. FAA

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