August 6, 2013

I quit procrastinating, starting tomorrow

I'm sitting here staring at the cursor, searching in vain for interesting words to entertain you.  At this point I will do anything to put off for a few more minutes the daunting task of compiling my expense reports. I hate doing expense reports. I have more than two months of travel to document, including a trip to China. That week will be especially painful as I have to convert Chinese currency to good old US Dollars. I did a lot of travel and entertaining in June and July and I have a pile of receipts -- hold on, I just got out a ruler --  almost one inch tall (compressed)! I hate myself and my procrastination today. I vow never, ever to let the work pile up again.

But  I am a liar. After spending the day on expense reports, I will be so sick of the work I suspect I will let the receipts pile up and I will find myself in mid-September doing the dance all over again. Bad habits are the hardest to kill.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Thank God they finally improved the expense form where I work.

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