August 4, 2013

a little night music

Last evening the wife and I traveled to Kokomo, IN to see the oldest boy's band perform live at Weberfest '13. They were one of the opening acts, scheduled in the middle of the bill. The stage was a performance pavilion in a downtown park. It was a good venue for the free concerts. There was a beer tent and several food trucks and tents set up.

Fun fact: Kokomo was the home of Elwood P. Haynes, who may or may not have made the first gas-powered automobile in the US. The city still has a rich automotive fabric with Chrysler and to a lessor extent GM plants employing thousands. Kokomo is a blue collar town and proud of it.

Here is another weird fun fact you will find most uninteresting: I grew up about 25 miles from Kokomo. Other than for business in the past few years, or driving through on US 31 heading elsewhere, I suspect I have been to the city less than a half dozen times in my life. I do not recall ever being in the downtown area before Saturday.

The band was in good form.  There was a decent crowd.  The band's  music is well suited for an outdoor venue. My son said it is hard to play in an outdoor setting because he cannot see the lights on his sound pedals as well. The band appeared to be well received by the crowd.  The day, though it started out dreary and cloudy, turned out beautiful -- sunny and in the mid-seventies. It was a good evening all around.
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