August 15, 2013

On the other hand...

For every good thing in life there is a corresponding bad thing. For instance in Christian theology there is God and Satan. Eastern philosophy gives us the Yen and Yang. Closer to home we find in our political system conservatives and f-ing liberal commie bastards. Good and evil are all around us.

This morning it was a cool 47 F when I made the short walk to the curb to grab my morning newspaper. It is August and it is FORTY FREAKING SEVEN DEGREES! Last night on the late news the weather girl said  we have had but 5 days all year where temperatures reached 90 degrees.  WTF? This is the global warming AlGore warned me about? On the good side of my morning I had some Hostess little chocolate donuts! Yes, the breakfast of choice is back on the store shelves. Every bite of sugary, waxy chocolate goodness was a vivid reminder that the unions and liberal Democrats cannot kill all good things in life.

I can paste a smile of morning contentment upon my lips as I rummage through the closet to find my slippers and a sweatshirt. Are you listening Mother Nature -- it is August, not October!


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I have a yen for a lot of things, but not the yen to purchase them.

Rita said...

I'm still pissed they didn't buy the Wonder Bread brand also.

I HATE buying bread now.

Anonymous said...

All of the current bread choices suck


Rita said...

Another wonderful benefit the unions inflicted upon society.


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