August 19, 2013

Things that make me smile

I always liked Ryan Dempster in his Cubs days. I really like him as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox yesterday.

Last night I was inspired to cook a decent supper. I grilled up some chicken breasties and a couple of pork chops. I smothered them in BBQ sauce right at the end. I also threw a few ears of sweet corn on the grill. I sliced up a couple of yellow and red tomatoes my Mom gave me from her garden and made a nice cheesy hash brown casserole. I ate until I felt like Mr. Creosote.
Later, because I could, I made a batch of homemade ice cream. Some days it is good to be me.


hey teacher... said...

now I'm hungry!

Played Monty Python's "Argument Clinic", ,to 7th period while they were drawing today. I love to watch the smoke come out of their ears.

Rita said...

At least you didn't serve any of the food that might have dropped on the ground. Hey, no one saw it drop but me, what's the harm?

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