August 29, 2013

What a dickwad

Frank Straub was Director of Public Safety in Indianapolis when a cop, smashed into some motorcycles, killing one and injuring two citizens.  The cop is waiting trial for being drunk when he committed this action. The cop has since been busted again for drunk driving. Somehow, the blood draw was screwed up, and evidence tampered with, all under Straub's direction of the department.

Straub is example 1A of the Peter Principle. Now he has turned up as Police Chief in Spokane. He actually blames the murdered victim in a crime for trying to defend himself during a robbery. A retired WWII vet is beaten to death by two thugs (why no, blacks beating a white guy could never be racism) and somehow in Frank Straub's twisted world it is 88 year-old Shorty Belton's fault he got killed.

Frank Straub gives cops a bad name. What a douchebag.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Never understood why we needed him here, and my non-understanding was only reinforced after he got here.

Spokane is welcome to him.

lotta joy said...

I left Indiana two years ago, kicking and screaming, and I haven't stopped ever since my husband nailed my fat butt to the sand in Florida.

I've been reading of the lunacy, and that poor 88 year old getting beaten to death.

The problem, as I see it, is if it's racially motivated, it HAS to be the white guys fault, (the dead white guy) because blacks aren't racist. And this "truth" has to be perpetuated by those in authority.

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