August 21, 2013

Who is with me?

There has been a lot of talk in Republican circles and conservative-leaning publications about defunding ObamaCare. The argument centers around whether the upcoming vote on a Continuing Resolution (CR) should include the funds to administer the roll-out and administrative costs for the ACA (ObamaCare).

The Congress uses a CR to fund the government for a certain period of time in lieu of actually passing a budget. I suspect I am in the minority when I say I don't care if Republicans cut ObamaCare funding in the CR or not. Let me explain. I am steadfast in opposition to a CR at all. One of the few requirements of Congress is to pass a budget. Under the Constitution, the standing army must be refunded every two years. No money can be spent from the Treasury except by law. I maintain the Congress should do the hard work and pass a budget. The House of Representatives has passed a budget, we all know what is in it.  The Senate refuses to pass a budget or compromise. Democrats do not want to be on the record for supporting trillion dollar deficits. They do not want to make responsible fiscal decisions.

So here is my position, if my Representative or Senator votes for a Continuing Resolution, I will never vote for them again. It is time I was represented in Congress, not the Republican or Democrat party. If my elected representatives do not take the pulse of the district or State and vote accordingly, then they do not represent me, and I will not support them going forward.

We are at a crossroads. To paraphrase Reagan, we will see in the coming months if the Republican Party has left me.

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